[dropcap]Within every lifetime, someone does something that surprises them.[/dropcap]

In 2005, after leaving university, I decided to buy a camera off eBay of all places. It was a Cosina CT1-G Film camera, for the grand sum of £5. Couple that with being unemployed and having a friend who was into photography at the time, I spent most of my insomniac nights wandering the streets of Cardiff taking pictures of just about anything and everything.

From there, life has changed dramatically. I have made leaps and bounds in my photographic ability, and have met some wonderful people along the journey from amateur, to semi-professional all the way up to the professional photographer.

Becoming a professional is a recent thing for me, after I met some more wonderful people and getting the opportunity to photograph Gareth David-Lloyd, Zoë Mills, John Jenner and Peter Jones whilst working with Gabriel Strange on the Casimir Effect Film .

This not only spurred me on, but gave me a new lease of life, having never done any form of portrait photography before, and has led to me being booked for events, portrait shots, and head shots.

I’ve become accustomed to a wide range of tools, learning to improvise and most importantly, trying to snap everything in sight and of course, get a second opinion on just about everything. I’ve become more familiar with talking to people and getting them motivated.

Despite all of this, I will forever consider myself an amateur. There is always something new to learn, and always new places to go. I hope you will enjoy looking at what I’ve done, and I welcome you to this journey, walking each mile, one step at a time, no matter how long it is.